What would a KMT-led China look like?

Dec 2018
I think it breaks up into various smaller countries much like China was for the majority of its history.


Ad Honorem
Aug 2009
Yes Marx, Angels, and Communism are all Western but the CCP isn't a "Communist Party." The CCP is not a political party (which is a Western political concept that does not manifest in China) and it is not Communist. It is a multipolar organization governing the vast two millennia realm known as China.
So you admit the founding ideology of the PRC is communism, no?

To somehow argue, however ternately as you’ve done here, that the CCP is neither Communist or a Party is exceptionally negligent of English, and the very definition of the CCP, given that CCP is an acronym, do you know what for?! Are you embarrassed regarding Communism and associating this with the PRC? You seem to be trying to disassociate the CCP with being a political party and a communist one.

Regardless, The Chinese Communist Party is a political party and communist. The CCP is not multipolar, it is a single party, agreed? Nor is it an “organization”, it is a political party.[/QUOTE]
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