what would aliens do after conquering this planet in ancient Egyptian age?

Oct 2018
ha noi
So ... all these threads about ancient aliens have made me think to a speculative scenario:

aliens attacked the earth in the far past. Let's say in ancient Egyptian age.

Obviously aliens would have conquered this planet.

But ... to do what?

This is the question and the object of this topic: what would have aliens done after conquering this planet in ancient Egyptian age? [A part building the Great Pyramid, which, according to History Channel, had built by aliens for sure].
Mar 2017
Aliens who traveled across the universe (or perhaps, interdimensionally) were technically incapable of using practical building techniques and had to resort to giant blocks of stone?
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Jan 2016
United States, MO
They would obviously just leave and never return, but the would leave a few clues for certain humans to find and discover the truth that aliens had just trolled the human race thousands of years before the internet.