What would happen to Black Americans if Nazi Germany won WW2

Mar 2013
middle kingdom
Would the civil rights movement even happen or would Southern white Americans stop it more aggressively because they didn't have to worry about saving face to the international community. How would it impact A.American lifestyle post 1945? We know Hitler banned Jazz and other predominately Black Music.
Nov 2012
It might actually help things along rather than hurt if Nazi Germany was the US's worst enemies, because Americans would want to emphasize the difference between them and Nazis, kind of like with "Commies" during the Cold War.

Alternately, depending on relations with Nazi Germany, it could lead to their racial ideas gaining more ground in the US.
Dec 2012
Well, unless the Nazis invaded the US, I wouldn't think it would have made any difference.


Ad Honoris
Oct 2010
If the Nazis took over America, blacks could very easily have faced the same fate Jews did.
Dec 2012
Sydney, Australia
Well, let's assume all Axis plans go ahead fantastically. I don't know how, but for the hypothesis in question, lets leave the how and why of Axis victory aside.

As far as I know, neither Japan nor Germany desired continental US territory. Japan may have desired the Aleutian islands, or even Hawaii, if it was capable of getting them in this alternate timeline.

What is likely, is that the Axis would have opted to cripple the US navy, if they could, perhaps the Japaneses would have even bombed the west coast, or seized Panama. Enough to force the US to the table potentially.

There, it is likely they would have enacted treaties demanding a reduction of US military power, projection and political influence, alongside an Axis-leaning armistice.

From there, I imagine the US would have developed in a way more aligned to Nazi Germany. Perhaps not fascist, but more fascist-leaning. Segregation in the South could easily have become much worse in this situation. Post-war, I'd expect Japanese and German involvement in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa to expand dramatically. The US would have it's position as hegemon of the Western Hemisphere taken out from under it, but it would remain at least contiguously intact. It wouldn't be the superpower it was in OTL in this scenario.
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