What would have happened to Hitler if the Soviets had captured him?

Sep 2013
Chattanooga, TN
The Soviet military entered Berlin in April 1945, and Adolf Hitler committed suicide then. What if Hitler had no committed suicide and the Soviets captured him? What would have happened to Hitler if the Soviet military captured him?

paranoid marvin

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Aug 2015
But what would have happened to Hitler in Moscow?
In my opinion he would have been locked away in a dark cell for Stalin to visit as an amusement. It would be a VERY closely guarded secret; Stalin did like his little secrets and this one would have amused him no end when the rest of his allies were left wondering. I doubt very much that he would have been tortured as I don't think it would have taken much to finish him off.
Jun 2014
I suspect Stalin would have wanted as large a platform trial as humanly possible, potentially without the western allies but filled to the brim with western journalists.


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Jul 2011
Show trial and execution. The western allies would probably insist on attending, if not pushing for a trial by all the allies.

Space Shark

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Mar 2012
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The show trial to end all show trials. This, of course, assumes Hitler doesn't commit suicide while in custody.


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Aug 2015
Hitler would be brought to Nuremburg trials.

His defense would that since he is an Aryan, and Aryans never commit any crime, he could not be tried. :zany: