What would people think of the late 1990s

Jun 2018
New York
Maybe as a transition period. Tech we use regularly was just coming into its own and still nowhere near what it is today, but hindsight can help people see where it was heading. A transition for kids as well as has been stated. More kids seemed to play outside in the late 90's early 00's compared to what I see today, but that is not taking into account the area one lives in, this could be completely different somewhere else and may just be an effect of what is or isn't around to do outside (was never much to do or explore around where I grew up and we were confined to the street we lived on at most), as well as growing paranoia.

Back to tech, video games are remembered fondly in this decade as well, a whole lot of industry defining titles were released and their influence is still felt.

For people who grew up in the 90's, it will be thought of fondly I imagine. For those who look back in the coming years, probably how many think of other decades and centuries. A curiosity of what it was and what it brought to people. How it effected the years that came after as well as the people.


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Jun 2014
I remember people being less paranoid about travel back then, and airport security was a lot easier to get through. Also, kids playing outside more rather than sitting on some form of handheld screen. It was easier to find a video rental store on the weekend too. Still holds nostalgia for me...
Yeah, before 9/11, travel was quick and easy. No long lines and getting to the airport two hours or more before your flight.


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Jun 2012
Vilnius, Lithuania
Times without smart phones were better. Smart phones zombification and idiocy is annoying. Retards should use it as a tool, instead they stare into it for hours each day. I commute with a train and with a book I feel as an alternative as were punkers in start of eighties.
+ Smartphones are bad for eyesight and you memorize more while reading a book. ( books also smell good ).
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May 2012
People said the same thing about kids staying indoors all the time when I was a kid in the 90s. Video and computer games date back to the 70s.

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