What would people think of the late 1990s


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Aug 2015
Slovenia, EU
The point of reference was my own country where I was a teen in the 90s, no it was no longer socialist (regime change happened in 1989) and the gov wasn't authoritarian and illiberal back then here (though ironically the very same guy is at charge now who was also in the late 1990s). Sure it was not the same in other countries in the region (Tudjman, Milosevic, Meciar were the illiberal authoritarian guys of the 90s, but they all gone by the end of the century), but in my country I think nobody really imagined that things would turn out to be the way it is now, probably not even Orbán himself (he was sitting in the Liberal Internationale until 2000 :))
Naively thought that the new democratic institutions were stronger, economic prosperity will come after the EU integration, we catch up Austria in our lives etc :D Well it was before the great political disillusionment in the 2000s.
I suppose you are from Hungary. I've read that your comie cronnies messed with economy and under Orban it is growing fine. I still don't understand from when are left antiauthoritarians and liberals especially neocommunists in your or in my country.


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Jan 2017
Hungary had a pretty good communism moment after 56
it probably did more good to the common people that is generally understood
good education , more housing , easy jobs , low crime , good movie industry
the system was what it was , but it was not hell on earth
communists had more care about people everyday concerns than many Washington politicians