What would WWI look like if France, Austria-Hungary, and Russia allied with each other?


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May 2014
Well yes, but Germany would have had no reason to take part in war—unless it had a treaty with Serbia. Germany would have justly feared encirclement but that would have been a reason for staying out of war—at least at that time
If German Kaiser Wilhelm II is willing to deal with the political consequences of this, he could want to annex German Austria and Czechia.


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Aug 2016
I agree this version of WW1 would not break out over Serbia. It would need a different cause. Maybe Britain and France would go to war over competing ambitions in Africa, or maybe Britain and Russia would go to war over something coming out of the Great Game. Britain/Germany/Ottoman Empire could find a reason to go to war with Russia or Austria over the Balkans.

There's no need for a Schliefen Plan to take out France first. Germany would probably attack Austria first while the Royal Navy blockaded France. Austria probably would not last long, especially if Italy was allied to Germany and attacked Austria from the south. Russia would eventually attack the Ottomans and Germany, but would be slow to mobilize. I don't see Russia saving Austria. France would attack Alsace-Lorraine, but Germany would probably hold. The British Army would wait until the German and French Armies were fully engaged. Then the British would invade Northern France.
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