What X Factor did the mamluks had Vs. The Mongols

Nov 2014
What did the Mamluks have that the other cavalry based enemies of the Mongols like the Cumans and the Kara Khitans, or the other opponents that also had a major cavalry components in their armies like the Jin, the Khwarezmians, and the Xi Xia did not have?
Mar 2012
Ain Jalut is first of all overrated. Most of the sources are from Arabic and religiously related groups thus is one sided at best. Crusaders did not really object since they were also aware of the dangers Mongols posed. Second, after this war when Golden Horde converted to Islam, the death note of Ilkhans were already signed, as they had to fight in two sides now. And more importantly, fighting the Horde was foremost priority since they were their "brethren" that betrayed them. Had this not happened, Ilkhans would probably smash through mesepotomia with an army assembled from all over the world, it is speculative but they would probably rek the Mamluks, or at least give a climatic fight.

As for your questions, most of the Mamluks were ex-nomads that knew how to fight in Mongolian (or , central asian) way , and as established in Egypt, they had vast resources of weaponry and supply as opposed to steppe lands where everything was scarce.


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Jun 2012
Now, where is that MamlukWarrior dude, LOL.

Well, I hv read somewhere that their camel battalion might hv played a significant role. They scared the shits from the Mongol horses, or something like that.