What's going on in Venezuela?

Nov 2014
Well, things may be escalating.
The pretender Guaido has appeared near a Venezualan air base, surrounded by soldiers apparently loyal to him, and is calling on the people to get on the streets and support him:
Venezuela: Guaidó pledges end of Maduro in video flanked by soldiers
Hopefully however this ends, it will be non-violent in nature, and the people of Venezuala can be delivered from their suffering. But this could obviously go very wrong very quickly.
Send a CBG and B-52s, B-1Bs, and B-2s to bomb the living crap out of the pro Maduro forces.
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Aug 2012
Hungry people may make extreme responses. What is very wrong in there are Maduro and his mafia.
If he is wise, he will not allow himself to be captured alive. Trump offered him safe conduct out of Venezuela before. It was a good offer, and he should seriously consider it, because if they capture him I would not be shocked if he is given the same treatment as Mussolini or Gaddafi.
Jul 2016
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I notice that fuel has gone up 6p a litre in the last few weeks. Fortunately I only do about 800 miles a year! However, as Venezuela is just about floating on oil, yet cannot produce any as a result of internal turmoil, Libya has a crisis that has stopped production and Iran is suffering from Trump, Only Russia is left. OH!
KSA is our only hope for keeping the home fires burning!


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So can we now say safely that the coup attempt has failed? It seems they lost momentum.
It did not appear to me that the attempted coup had any real momentum. It appeared to be a one time event that was organized to occur at several places simultaneously, probably hoping for a huge up swell in popular support. The broad popular support failed to materialize as observable and material activity.

The Vietnamese anticipated a similar response to their Tet offensive and almost everyone chose to sit on the sidelines there also.
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Aug 2012
So can we now say safely that the coup attempt has failed? It seems they lost momentum.
Yep. There's a world of difference between going on TV and telling people you're the President, and actually wielding the power of a President. Even with starvation and economic collapse, if Maduro can keep his army and their families well fed and safe, he probably has little to worry about internally.
What puzzles me is that many have said that this attempted coup was some design of the Americans. But if that was the case, then wouldn't the Guaido faction have more support? Even if it had to come from foreign PMC's? Given the USA's track record of regime change, I have to believe if they were behind this it would have been a more serious attempt.
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