What's going on in Venezuela?


Ad Honorem
May 2016
So can we now say safely that the coup attempt has failed? It seems they lost momentum.
When I saw the first images, I thought… this is the way a coup d'état shouldn’t be made.

In some way it recalled me the Turkish coup.

Doesn’t the CIA give courses for this?

Unfortunately it seems that Guaidó is without ideas.
Apr 2013
New Verulamium
Send a CBG and B-52s, B-1Bs, and B-2s to bomb the living crap out of the pro Maduro forces.
What of the diplomatic nuances of international relations? What of the potential presence of both Chinese and Russian advisers or forces in the territory of Venezuela? Military intervention seems like an increasingly attractive option, avoiding as it does the sectarian repercussions that would inevitably follow a Middle Eastern Intervention.However, it may not necessarily be an advantageous diplomatic goal, it could for example force other states which consider themselves threatened by Western posturing to counter-balance towards Russia or China-perhaps offering them military bases, buying their weapons in bulk, in essence increasing their leverage.
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