What's the reason for spending money and time on studying ancient times?


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Jun 2012
For fun, for knowledge, for chill, good capital for conversation with like-minded ones, fantastic way of impressing the don't-know-anythings among the others, you name it.

But I wud not be spending tonnes of money on it. Can't really afford that. Although I did once buy a history-related book costing like more than US$50 while on a working trip to Cambodia.
Dec 2011
There are two tangible reasons for studying history, in general, which are useful to give in discussions such as the one mentioned in the OP (I.e. that ensue when asked why one studies history). Whether one believes in history's relevance for the understanding of contemporary society or for making sophisticated guesses about the future, fact is that history is often used as a tool for legitimizing certain discursive positions, social arrangements etc. Consequently, historical study can provide a measure to evaluate the validity of such use of history. Further, history is both a source and a laboratory for the construction and testing of (long term) theories, primarily of the social sciences and humanities, but at times also for natural sciences (epidemiology, for example). There is a lot more to say, but I would go with these two as they are easy to grasp and defend.


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Oct 2011
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Human nature ...

Personal identity, what we call "the individual", is a mind structure based on memory.

Since we are social animals we need the social memory to recognize our social identity: history.

Without memory we wouldn't be able to reconstruct our identity when we wake up in the morning. It would be great: every day we would meet unknown persons to know! [like suffering for Alzheimer ...].

David Vagamundo

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Jan 2010
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Because in many ways, the structure of the Western world is still determined by the history of Greece and Rome.

And knowing ancient history--and particularly the history of and culture of Greece and Rome- is a mark of an educated person.


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Jan 2017
.If you don't know the past , you will not understand the present and be ever surprised by the future