What's with all the Black washing?

Feb 2018
Because Africans don't need to be Sub-Saharan to be black, hell you don't need to be African to be black.

Like I said probably three times now, there are dark-skinned peoples living in Northern Africa. It's not as common but it exists and these people are indigenous to the area.

We don't know Hannibal's pigmentation, though in Libya today you can find dark-skinned people as well as light-skinned one. It can go either way.
dark-skinned north africans are a minority even today after the slave trade and they are generally from the southernmost regions stop your political correctness here hannibal was probably a puniziced berber and had probably a mediterranean phenotype that's it.
May 2015
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I haven't watched any of those movies. As far as middle eatsern and blacks in Britian, don't forget the romans were all over the place. The catherigians may have had some black soldiers same goes for the Egyptians since it is Africa, and the the egyptians were aware of the nubians. St. Maurice, leader of the Thebian legion who became christian martyers because they refused to sacrifice to the gods, seems to have always been depicted as a black man. Look up paintings of him. If you do a great deal of research for your film and you include such people, because they were participants, even minor fine. But don't go around changing Superman, James Bond etc.Leave the classics alone.
Jan 2019
No one cares about immersion inside of a film anymore. They'd rather be cheaply rewarded by the Hollywood critics. If you dare critique the context or historical accuracy, you're a racist.
No one cares about immersion inside of a film anymore. They'd rather be cheaply rewarded by the Hollywood critics. If you dare critique the context or historical accuracy, you're a racist.
That's because media has been taken over with Artsy Liberals.

Comics, Films, TV, News you name it.

Marvel comics had big issues with this, they let the Far Left imbue their material with agendas and tropes and lost hordes of readers which of course the initial reaction was that all the readers were racists, sexists etc etc.
Then they gave up the ghost and realised actually insulting your fan base just because your new material is crap isn't the way to go.

Unfortunately industry wide it doesn't look like it'll go anywhere anytime soon until they lose money.

You'll find that in business politics are great .......... until they effect your bottom line then all of a sudden its all change, funny that.
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Nov 2010
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I've just watched the BBC's Les Miserables series. The "demographics" of France was for sure totally ahistorical, Javert played by a black actor, Thenardier by a Pakistani-Kenyan actor, and so many black background actors that probably even today you can see that only in some major French cities. But still it didn't disturb the story, good series with good acting, faithful to the book (minus the physical description of the characters in Hugo's original ofc). I think we could only wish that people were that color blind in the first decades of the 19th century as it is portrayed in the series. So in this regard it is a denial of the racist realities of age, a kind of historical revisionism. But it didn't take away any value from the story and the acting, i can warmly recommend it.


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Sep 2011
It's a good thing to drop "normalisation" in favour of "usualisation". No one needs to accept homsexaulity of minorities as "normal" in some kind of statistical sense. Instead the attempt is to shift things to a situation where someone happening to be black, or gay, or whatever, falls within the "unremarkable" spectrum of the human condition.

What it risks doing, if actually successful, is make some aspect of history increasingly incomprehensible in some new ways.

I do think that should be tried though. The problem isn't that history-use as it is today is somehow transparent and correct in ways seriously threatened by this — it's not, most of the past requires serious reconstruction and not-self-evident knowledge to even begin to represent things anywhere "like it was" to a modern audience, and mostly it's not even tried, opting instead for outright anachronism. This is just a bit more anacronism, relatively speaking.

The disturbing thing is that when it comes to things like "race" that IS an aspect of a least the last couple of centuries that DOES NOT require translation and specialist knowledge to make sense to a modern audience. (We're not yet finished with it it seems.) IF the stories we tell end up moving away from that in such a fashion that people look incomprehending why someone being black in the Elisabethan court, Javert being black etc., might misrepresent history, then that's just become another aspect of the past that has dropped away from common contemporary usage. All that's disturbing about this is that it is something from the past that still has currency, and has not dropped to a level where it needs actual explanation for a non-specialist modern audience. (And even then the amount of people of all kinds of shapes, colours and origins also at early modern courts was actually greater than most 19th c. visions of the situation pretended either — though a line might be drawn at the upper rungs of the nobility.)

But it would make some 19th c. literary classics require a bit of commentary and explanation. A fair amount of Walter Scott etc. might fall in this category. (Though how many modern readers/watchers pick up on "Ivanhoe", his "English novel", being a 19th c. story about race relations anyway?)
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Sep 2011
People getting angry or laughing at Marshall of Finland...

Why is it so funny?
Well, are they? Is it?

It's a Kenyan film, shot in Kenya, with Kenyan actors. (Finnish financing.)

We might have to get used to a bit more of this, as and when film industries around the world not Europe or the US pick up assorted projects.

There is also things like these to consider:


And that's not even getting into things like Mickey-Rooney-as-japanse.



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