Whats with all the racism geared twords African history?


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May 2016
The controversy is ethnic. Afrocentrics and Eurocentrics have been fighting for years about the ethnicity of the Ancient Egyptians.
Even if I consider myself a Eurocentric (meaning for me that the centre of my point of view is in Europe), or more correctly a Portucentric, I think that for the historiocentrics, the controversy is minimal. Egypt had their own society and was attacked/invaded many times in their long history, from the West by the Libyans, from East by Asians, from the North by raids of Peoples that for the historiography are known as Sea Peoples, and from the south by Nubians. From all the ruling dynasties one was Nubian. As far as I know, many of these invaders are depicted in the iconography, as well as their skin colours. The Egyptians, the Libyans and the Nubians are by definition Africans, and all seem quite distinct. The Sea Peoples and the Asians aren’t.

I would love to do so. However, if I was to do so, I would post SNP data, and genetic isn't allowed on this forum.
Didn’t knew that the SNP site has photos and videos. Went there one or two times.

I simply guessed that genetic create a lot of controversy when discussed. I have seen on various forums people mis-using haplogroups to claim the history of other peoples, which sometimes may create low-quality discussions. However, I don't see why it would be more problematic than historical accounts in general.
There are threads about the theme, you can read them. Genetics is just one more tool in history, not even the most relevant. But I reiterate that it is not unwise to make comments based on lack of knowledge.
May 2018
On earth.
Simply because of afrocentrism. Afrocentrists have invaded the internet especially on the anglo side of internet it's almost impossible to speak about history with an afro-american he'll always try to speak about black egypt and the black moors and if you try to show him that there is no evidence of it he will call you an eurocentrist and when you see that they make thousands of videos who got 500K views you can't stay calm especially if you're north african.
No. Afro Centrism is a response to already existing attitudes. While it contributes to this issue, it's not the root of it, it's a symptom.
Jun 2015
the racism is simple. it's means to try and justify the colonialism of the day, when these attitudes emerged.
I think though, ironically, that the colonials knew the extent of African civilisation. The British who conquered Asante were impressed at the Palace and the general workings of the kingdom. Thte same is true of Benin City. Much of this has been quashed due to racism.

I'd question whether life in Asante was any less or better even than in England, France, Spain, or the German states at the time. Let's say 1750, the only serious negative then was being captured as a slave and being sent to some Americas plantation. and this wasn't just unsuspecting people, criminals, and anybody who fell out of favour with the king or society was. there were not rigid classes, or even serfdom, to the degreee of Europe, and all were free to trade when required for what they needed. Britain had no serfdom at all in the mid-18th century, but then there was a far moree rigid class structure in place.

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