Whats with all the racism geared twords African history?

Mar 2019
How is Japan a very new state ? It is younger than China, but also not a very new.

Germany ? If consider that German history only begun in 19th century, then yes. However, various German states existed way before 1871 and played major role in European politics.
yeah but japan is still a very new state comparing world history.

Sep 2016
dont know where you are learning your history from

What are you even talking about ? Nobody out of modern countries beats China in terms of ,, how old they are ''.

Not to mention, that ,, very new '' and ,, old '' is a matter of perspective. Humanity is still a newborn, compared to the Earth itself and it's history.
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Nov 2018
Of course, the Nordic states are young in comparison with China, even if you first start to count when Qin Shi Huangdi crowned himself to China's first emperor in 221 BC.

The sagas says that it was Harald Fairhair (ca. 865 - ca. 933) who gathered Norway to one kingdom around the year 885.

Sweden's oldest known rulers are Erik Sejrssäl (d. Approx. 995) and Olof Skötkonung, who ruled 995-1021 / 22

Harald 1. Bluetooth king of Denmark, dead no later than 987, announced on his father's tombstone he had united Denmark.

The Icelandic Althing was founded in 930.

The Finns have always done things in their own way, so they were first gathered in the 1200s under the Swedes.

However, people have lived in the Nordic countries since the last ice age, so we have not come yesterday.

Our prehistory cannot in any way compete with the Egyptians, but who can?

Therefore, we're not really old, old. Nevertheless, startups states I will not call it either.
Sep 2016
how is it a matter of perspective? care to elaborate?
Because it is. Japan and Nordic countries are not a very new compared to USA. USA is old compared to Ukraine, Belorussia, Iraq and etc. If we are talking about states.

USA for many Europeans is a very new country. However, practically everybody is new compared to China.
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