What's With Testicles?

Mar 2017
Women's menstrual cycles will synchronize, based on pheromones. Women also emit pheromones when they are fertile, that can be an indicator to men. Women also exhibit sex flush in face and lips; this is masked by lipstick. Male masturbation is not to be underestimated; there have even been studies that suggest it wards off particular types of cancer.
While the synchronization of women's cycles is easy to demonstrate, pheromones are not the cause. Simple odors are enough (carrying estrogen), combined with a brain looking for them. 28 days is an "average", some women have unpredictable times. There are some studies that show that man-sweat (carrying testosterone) can level out their cycles as well. In humans, hormones play a more important role.

Despite all the perfume adds in the back of magazines, and the bewildering amount of pheromones made by other mammals, only a single pheromone has ever been identified for humans. It can be produced artificially in a laboratory and has exactly the same effect. It's produced by the little glands that appear as bumps around a woman's nipples. The effect is well known to midwives and people in the la leche league.

It causes humans to suck ... with the same suddeness as touching an electric fence. Don't ask.
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Oct 2018
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Testes work in conjunction with the scrotum. The scrotum expands and contracts to maintain a constant temperature. When cold it contracts to draw them closer to the body.

To test this claim have a sauna. Note your scrotum as you leave the Sauna. Then jump into a cold plunge pool. Observe scrotum again. You won't be game to cough or sneeze.

Or you can take my word. I've had the experience. Pretty hard to ignore , it's pretty spectacular, especially in older men, whose scrotum usually resemble that of an old ram.
Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
Infact I’d say the majority of land mammals have their balls on the outside no?

You know, it hasn't really occurred to me to spend a lot of time looking. My Jack Russell does not have prominent testicles. But then, his were removed. I have a neighbour who had a tom cat called 'clusters'. I think lions' are quite prominent. Don't know about giraffes and most other mammals. Seems reasonable to assume they share external plumbing.
Sep 2012
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I only posted the pic because I heard someone on a parade once described as someone who was 'sticking out like a bulldog's b*ll*cks'.
Up until then, I hadn't really looked either....


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... Women also emit pheromones when they are fertile, that can be an indicator to men. Women also exhibit sex flush in face and lips; this is masked by lipstick.
Lipstick isn't to hide anything, for lighter skinned humans its to accentuate the lips, an erogenous zone, and to appear healthy as brighter equals better blood flow. And to mimic the arousal of the female genitals after they become engorged with blood, the upper lips look like the bottom ones.
I always thought that was the general demeanour of young ladies, do you mean to say they can have a different appearance?