What's With Testicles?

Jun 2012
Could be just me. But I hv not met any mammal whose ballz are located inside their body. Bulls, rams, goats, deer, stallions, dogs (therefore all of the canine family), tomcats (therefore all of the cat family), monkeys, & orang utans (therefore all primate animals) etc., all have theirs quite gloriously & proudly on the outside.

I am now tempted to think that the OP has not spent that much time on a farm. If at all.
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Jun 2012
Armadillos, sloths, rhinos, elephants, dolphins and whales all pack their nuts internally.
Elephants too? You sure, mate? Crikey. No frekkin wonder that them big jumbo bulls hv that funny gait in their walk.

And I thought I knew a lot about them. Oh dear. Looks like I hv to redo that part in my magnum opus wannabe, where I had warriors targeting elephant ballz with fire arrows & spears as a way to defeat them. Well, that just leaves their arse then.


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Jan 2017
a cursory look between the legs of a horse or bull would dispel the erroneous notion that only humans have testicle on the outside
Feb 2011
Perambulating in St James' Park
One of you guys should visit the local zoo and take photos of all the animal's thingies so we can make a proper scientific comparison. If anyone asks what you're doing just show them the pics and say you're going to put them on a special internet site, that way it'll appear more professional.
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Apr 2017
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The eariest primates date from about 55 million years ago, but humans were the first to walk in a fully erect posture. So we are only taking maybe 2-5 million years for genus Homo and perhaps 500,000 years for modern humans. Walking fully erect probably increases the exposure to testicular injury as opposed to our forward leaning ancestors where their body might provide more protection. A half million years is a blink of an eye in evolutionary terms. Evolution is a matter of selection. Exposed testicles may be just one of those traits that don't make the grade.

Early Primate Evolution: The First Primates
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