Whats Your Favorite Western?

Sep 2017
United States
Ravenous is my ultimate favorite Western.

It isn't exactly traditional, a horror/dark comedy Western set in the Sierra Mountains and focusing on U.S. army troops over cowboys. It's odd, charming, well-acted, and comes with the most bizarre yet amazing soundtrack you could find. It also has a few unexpected deeper themes and philosophical moments, without being preachy or overly brooding. Colquhoun is definitely one of my top villains, up there with the likes of Sheev Palpatine. I've never seen such a take on the Wendigo myth either, eschewing the more common 'monster' archetype.

Bone Tomahawk is a close second. I find the idea of the troglodyte society very interesting as it shows you a lot of their culture without telling you much of anything. It is the only other horror Western I know as well.

Paint Your Wagon is also an enjoyable ride, one of the only musicals I can stomach.


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