Whats Your Favorite Western?

May 2016
Wyoming U.S.A.
1- The Searchers / John Wayne

2- The Unforgiven / Burt Lancaster

3- The Oxbow Incident / Henry Fonda
Sep 2017
United States
Ravenous is my ultimate favorite Western.

It isn't exactly traditional, a horror/dark comedy Western set in the Sierra Mountains and focusing on U.S. army troops over cowboys. It's odd, charming, well-acted, and comes with the most bizarre yet amazing soundtrack you could find. It also has a few unexpected deeper themes and philosophical moments, without being preachy or overly brooding. Colquhoun is definitely one of my top villains, up there with the likes of Sheev Palpatine. I've never seen such a take on the Wendigo myth either, eschewing the more common 'monster' archetype.

Bone Tomahawk is a close second. I find the idea of the troglodyte society very interesting as it shows you a lot of their culture without telling you much of anything. It is the only other horror Western I know as well.

Paint Your Wagon is also an enjoyable ride, one of the only musicals I can stomach.


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Oct 2015
Movie: The Searchers ("Once Upon a Time in the West" and "True Grit" by the Choen Brothers are also exelent westerns)
TV series: Deadwood
Actor: John Wayne
May 2018
Movie - Tie between Fort Apache (1948) with John Wayne & Henry Fonda and Back to the Future: Part III

TV Show - Firefly, basically a space-western

Actor - John Wayne, James Stewart
Oct 2016
...and how could I have forgotten:
1) Riders of the Purple Sage, from the 1990s on TNT feat. Ed Harris and Amy Madigan among others
I typically do not relish ultra-stylized productions, but in this case...wow! Zane Gray has got to be one of the oddest bestselling authors of the 20th Century; he wrote prose about as well as an ESL student. What he does have to offer is a genuine appreciation of the beauty of the American Southwest and a clear understanding of the significance of Ancestral Pueblan footprint and the divers natures of the white settlers, be they soldiers, Mormons(the villains in Riders) or ranchers .
This film adaptation is very entertaining.
The most recent truly well-done, big-screen Western that I have seen.
Apr 2019
Movies: Lone Riders starring keach bros., Caradine bros & the Quaid bros.
Tomestone sarring Kurt Russel, Vel Kilmer etc.,

TV shows: Laramie, starring john Smith and Robert Fuller
Rifleman: Chuck Oconner


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Mar 2019
Movie: High Noon. Always loved films that try to work in real time

Actor. Split between John Wayne and Clint Eastwood

TV show: Split between Bonanza and Lone Ranger.


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Feb 2009
Eastern PA
Movie: Fort Apache, Once Upon a Time in the West, Magnificent Seven, Unforgiven, Open Range

Actor: Tom Selleck, Henry Fonda, Clint Eastwood and John Wayne

TV Series:.....................