When did France give up its claim to Wallonia?


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May 2014
In 1830, French Foreign Minister Talleyrand proposed partitioning Belgium and giving the southern part (in large part, Wallonia) to France:

Talleyrand partition plan for Belgium - Wikipedia

The other Great Powers vetoed this plan and thus it was never actually implemented.

Anyway, though, when did France give up its claim to Wallonia? Was it in 1871 when it lost Alsace-Lorraine and thus felt that recovering A-L is much more important than acquiring Wallonia? Or was it at some other point in time, and if so, when?


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Aug 2013
Lorraine tudesque
Very simple. Belgium was created by a very francophile Bourgeoisie.

Why should France make troubles for such a state?
Just look at all the franc-tireurs from Belgium fighting with France in 1870.
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