When did the British class system 'end'?

Nov 2008
Tudor chick, it's called snobbery. And only those insecure about their own class status use it.

Is class being put into the same catagory as snobbishness, elitetism, birth, and intellectual breeding?
Nov 2008
Melbourne, Australia
On the subject of Regnal numbering, I'm all for the Monarchy...
You've said this sort of stuff before Kiwi, and, if I may ask, why are you a monarchist? Do you support the absolutist, or constitutional variety of monarchism? What aspects of monarchism do you characterize as better than more democratic systems?


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Nov 2007
In Australia, HRM is known as Elizabeth, Queen of Australia. On the Australian carriage in the Royal Mews there is just E painted on the door, and not E11 coz Australia has not had two Queens named Elizabeth
Neither has Scotland and yet what appears in the media? Elizabeth II - always. It's incorrect, it's insulting and it's damned annoying.

Tudor chick;51932[COLOR=black said:
]Some people did look down at their nose at me, or could this be just racisim?[/COLOR]
It's both. You, as an Australian are an inferior species - but don't worry, so are we, so are the Irish etcetera etcetera ad infinitum.


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Jul 2006
The reason she's EIIR is to distinguish her from the first ER (Edward VII)


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Jul 2007
You've said this sort of stuff before Kiwi, and, if I may ask, why are you a monarchist? Do you support the absolutist, or constitutional variety of monarchism? What aspects of monarchism do you characterize as better than more democratic systems?
A constitutional monarchy is not necessarily "less democratic" than a republic. In fact if you take a headcount of all the republics in the world - not just the good ones - most don't even vaguely resemble democracies, whereas practically all the constitutional monarchies are.
Nov 2008
Look what happened when Britain had a military dictator. I would say we are better off with a Monarchy not only that but 'The Democratic Republic Of Britain' just sounds wrong

Black Dog

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Mar 2008
Damned England
The class system has not ended. Government propaganda has muddied the waters somewhat, that's all. We've partially adopted an American viewpoint that money equals class, whereas traditionally, class alignments went by blood, education and profession, and not so much by money. And with the destruction (intentional) of the true Working Class, a fourth class now exists: the "underclass", a large number of dispossesed "losers" in the American sense. What we should call a "Non-Working class". Politically without representation, and therefore politically apathetic, the underclass sinks into its subcultures, based, largely, on those of its American counterpart: drugs, crime and an ammoral view of money, although to be fair, the latter is also held by much of the Middle Class, although they tend to use different methods. Working class solidarity doesn't exist, and many deny that there IS a working class: Blair announced that "We're all Middle Class now". Except for the "doesn't count" underclass, who exist merely as a political bogeyman to scare the rest of us into a Police State and Surveillance Society. And play upon petty resentments over benefit "scroungers", whilst, plainly, exploiting one's fellow man and the system is seen as just fine by those much higher up the socio-economic ladder. And for far larger sums.

Consumerism is now the standard which causes Class alignment: how much do you have? Like America, no society does so much to raise the hopes and expectations of it's population, then do so much to prevent them achieving these expectations.

Now, anyone with a job, a Sky satellite dish and a road legal car regards themselves as Middle Class- the misery gutted, greedy and stupid masses who get told that they're clever, but actually aren't.

Now, we live in interesting times, as chickens come home to roost: paper millionaires are losing their homes (or, "properties" as they so recently referred to them. Only now that they're losing them are they homes). Their fortunes up in smoke, as they discover that, guess what, the banks aren't nice, and are instead vicious money grabbing ammoral bastards, and that wealth is indeed just as relative as poverty, and suddenly, the wealthy want Socialism, whilst advocating Free Market Capitalism for the poor for the last 30+ years. Doubters can look at the Bank Bailout versus Rover and other manufacturers. The Sheriff of Nottingham would be proud.

And they're finally waking up to the idea that (a) fears about selling out to Europe are groundless, as it's too late: we've already sold out our utilities, banks, and much else to the Multis and that (b) "Credit" actually means "Debt", and that all debts get called in at some point, and that Stock and money markets are akin to Russian Roulette with 3 bullets in the chamber.

I'd laugh myself to death, if I didn't have to live here....

However, watch as class alignments change again, as disillusionment sinks in and reality bites.....

For the record, I'm Working class with a better education than most upper middle class. No wonder I'm a misanthropist! :)

To readers of a delicate nature: sorry about the rant :)