When did the leftist egalitarian interpretation of Gentleman appear, which is a compulsory ruling principle of our age?

Jan 2020
Gentleman originally refered to the real (born aka noblemen) gentlemen, especially because they behaved nicely & gentle with each other . However this behaviour existed only between real born gentlemen/noblemen, maybe to avoid unnecessary duels with swords or pistols.
The real born gentlemen were not so gentle towards the lower classes and less educated parts of the society.
in the 20th century the leftist egalitarian fake version of gentlemen interpretation appeared. It pretend to behave (egalitarian leftist ruling principle) towards everybody as they would been real gentleman, even if they are uneducated and parts of the lesser strata of society.

Just think it over ! It is a laughable behaviour, because even people who are not original gentlemen try to immitate the behavior of nobility, but at the same time they forget, that noblemen behaved nicely only with each other.
It is a funny monkey-like immitation which later based on egalitarianism... Isn't it? Moreover! The immitation of this behaviour do not make real gentlemen from the commoners :)))
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Jan 2020
I think it started in the 20th century, and socialist communist and other egalitarian movements paved its way slowly but surely...
What is your opinion?

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What is your opinion?
To be honest, I don't have any. But that might have something with the OP's title.

I confess it's the most astonishing usage of the word "leftism" I had ever read: "When did the leftist egalitarian interpretation of Gentleman appear, which is a compulsory ruling principle of our age?"... huh?!?

The word "leftist"/"leftism" (fr= "gauchisme", ru="левизны"/levizny, esp="izquierdismo")
appeared in 1920, and it was coined by Lenin, in its "Детская болезнь „левизны“ в коммунизме" = "The Infantile Sickness of "Leftism" in Communism" in which he basically attacked a "deviance" (present especially amongst German and English communists), a far-left deviance.

the leftist egalitarian fake version of gentlemen interpretation

Now, am I to believe that some communists that Lenin (!) considered as far left were so influencial for imposing their interpretation and changing the significance of the "gentleman" concept?

And even so, why would they had changed the significance of the concept? What would be the reason?

Actually, did they even bothered with the "gentleman" concept?
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I am not sure what the point is here. The definition of a gentleman has certainly varied over time, starting as a man of property who, without actually being a nobleman, was able to live on his rents or investments and not have to work. They were allowed to engage in suitable professions: lawyer, clergyman, army officer... By the nineteenth century I should say it was commonly felt that treating the lower orders with some consideration was part of being a gentleman. From that, it became normal to attribute gentlemanly qualities to people of lower station who would not qualify as a gentlemen at all under the earlier definition. I am not aware that this was a specially left-wing idea.
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egalitarian leftist ruling principle

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