When did the Lombards adopt Christianity?

Mar 2013
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It is just that I am trying to construct a map around 700-750, and there is one last gap.

The Lombards came into the Italian peninsula around 565-600. Around 800 they must have been Christians definitely giving Charlemagne’s struggle over Pavia in which a (Christian) Lombard king or count submitted if my mind serves me right.

So, I want to ask: Were the Lombards in Italy (almost) fully Christians around 700-750 CE ?



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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
In late IV century CE there was a wide activity of preaching by Ulfila in the Northern areas of the Empire. This made the Germanic populations get in touch with Christianity. But Ulfila was Arian, so that the Germanic populations, Lombards included, met Arian Christianity, in a word Arianism. This was a reason of problems for the Lombards with the Pope, as soon as they arrived in Italy. The conversion [partial] of the Lombards to Arian Christianity happened in V century CE in Pannonia. They converted to Catholicism only in VII century CE. During the early phases of their domain they had their Arian Bishops and this was a reason of problems with the Papacy and the local Catholic population.