When Paris became capital?


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Aug 2016
As far as' When did the idea that Clovis was the first king of France first enter French culture? maybe Dupuydumazeldan can confirm this was during the Third Republic?
May 2017
You are absolutely right.The third Republic has developped the education and in all the books of history Clovis was celebrated as the first king of France (Collection Ernest Lavisse).In 1996,for the visit of the Pape Jean Paul II in Reims (1500 birthday of the baptism of Clovis) I was invited by the catholic "Confrerie Notre Dame de France" with the representant of the french protestant churches,the pastor Jean Arnold de Clermont,and i have discussed with the royalist actor Michael Lonsdale who interpreted the priest Remy de Champagne.The historians present agree with the fact that the third Republic had choosen Clovis because of the book of Grégoire de Tours who glorifies the best chief of the Franks.And they explaned to me that the terrible episod of the "plate of Soissons" had been invented to fix in the mind of the hundreds of thousands future soldiers of WW1that it was indispensable to entertain and clean the weapons everyday....

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