When was the last time two rival kings for the same throne met on a battlefield?


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Jul 2011
The latest I know of in English / British history are William III defeated James II at Boyne and much before that Henry VII defeated Richard III at Bosworth Field. Are there more recent such battle in Europe or elsewhere?


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Aug 2016
Napoleon III and Wilhelm of Prussia were both present at Sedan (1870). As a result of the battle Napoleon lost his throne although Wilhelm did not become the new emperor of the French. He did eventually take Alsace-Loraine, if that counts. Wilhelm's throne was never at risk, and Wilhelm probably had no intention of deposing Napoleon. It just turned out that way.

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Feb 2016
No. Wilhelm did not intend to dethrone Napoleon so I think it does not fit what the OP wants

I can’t be to sure. But I’d guess the Boyne.

Possibly in the Napoleonic wars... Boney was forever making his brothers into kings and I can’t be sure if they ever bumped into the people whose jobs they’d taken on the other side.


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Deleted (Napoleon wasn't actually seeking the Austrian throne at Austerlitz.)
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Or was he??

Well there was the Empire of France and the Confederation of the Rhine run directly by Napoleon. Then the other states that were run by Napoleon's family members. Austria and Prussia were a third group nominally independent but still at his mercy so to speak. I don't think it was exactly what the OP was looking for but there were three emperors leading troops at Austerlitz.


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Abd ar-Rahman Gaourang II (c.1858-1918), Mbang or Sultan of Bagirmi from 1885-1918, fought the Sudanese warlord Rabah az-Zubayr for several years.

Rabah invaded and conquered Bagirmi in 1891, adding it to his realm, but Gaourang escaped and sought to regain his kingdom.

Gaourang made a treaty with French officer Emil Gentil to make Bagirmi a French protectorate in 1897. In 1899 Gaourang and hundreds of Bagirmi warriors joined the expedition of Henri Bretonnet. Rabah led an army of 8,000 men against Bretonnet, who was wiped out at Togbao on 17 July 1899. Gaourang was wounded but escaped.

French forces from Algeria, Senegal, and the Congo united to fight Rabah, and Gaourang and many Bagirmians joined them. 700 French and native soldiers and 800 Bagirmians fought 10,000 of Rabah's soldiers armed with firearms plus many other warriors at the Battle of Kousseri April 22, 1900. Rabah was defeated and killed.

For Gaourang the conflict was about regaining and keeping his kingdom of Bagirmi, while for Rabah the conflict was about keeping Bagirmi and other lands that he ruled.
Thus the battles of Togbao and Kousseri seem to fit about 0.75 of the definition of two kings fighting for the same throne and both present at the battle.
May 2018
Battle of Samugarh, Jang-e-Samugarh, (May 29, 1658), was a decisive battle in the struggle for the throne during the Mughal war of succession (1658–1659) between the sons of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan after the emperor's serious illness in September 1657. The battle of Samugarh was fought between his sons Dara Shikoh (the eldest son and heir apparent) and his two younger brothers Aurangzeb and Murad Baksh (third and fourth sons of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan)