Where can I find religion data for British India for the time period between 1872 and 1947?


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May 2014
Thanks for this information, Devdas! :)

BTW, do you think that the Muslim population in a united India would have grown less rapidly than it did in Pakistan and Bangladesh in real life?
Mar 2015
Very difficult to read most of the text and maps but there appears to be a surprisingly large percentage of "animist" tribals.

Is this still the case and what sort of form does this "animist" belief take?


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Jun 2014
New Delhi, India
IMHO, they have taken areas which have local Gods and Goddesses as animists. However, most people in these areas would identify themselves as Hindus. Local deities are a part of Hinduism and known as 'Kshetrapalas', administrators of the region.

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