Where could India have had its Lebensraum and when

Jun 2015
Maybe. But then I don't think there was ever an incentive. India was never and is never overpopulated. It produces enough food for all, and deaths from famine are about caste than anything else.Today, not so much, but in the Raj/John Company, or Akbar the Great times, yes it was.
Mar 2010
The Indian office did ask for a mandate for Mesopotamia and German east Africa after the First World War. I don't know how seriously there requests were considered. But maybe if they had ben granted colonies of there own it would've quelled some Indian nationalism.


Ad Honoris
May 2014
Where could India have had its Lebensraum and when and how could this have been achieved in realistic circumstances?
Such Lebensraum would probably need to be found west of India due to the fact that China probably wouldn't tolerate Indian expansion into Burma and into other parts of Southeast Asia.

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