where should have the germans attacked in march 1918?

Mar 2011
-where was the weakest point of the allied western front in march 1918?
-where could the germans best exploit their actual numerical supremacy?


Ad Honorem
Sep 2011
They attacked a British army that had been through the meat-grinder of a major offensive relatively recently, and wasn't yet quite up to strength. I think it's entirely reasonable to have sufficient confidence in the German high command's judgement to say that they did in fact target the most vulnerable spots in 1918.
May 2012
I agree with Larrey. Germany wanted to make a major breakthrough to Paris before the Americans troops could influence the outcome of the war. Germany DID target the weakest spots in March 1918 (Brest-Litovsk treaty was signed). The German High Command was doing a pretty good job.


Ad Honoris
Oct 2010
German High Command were terrible, in these offensives.

Yes they targetted weak spots, thats a major blunder for starters. The spots were weak leading to some local sucesses, but what was the purpose and objective of these attacks. The places selected for attack were selected because they were weak, not because some strategic objective could be obtained. In fact lack of consistent and reasonable strategic objectives was the second. While the various campaigns were all planned the overall objectives were vague and constantly changing.

Tactics strong. Strategy Weak.