Where was Kaiser Willhelm at the outbreak of WWI?

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We're talking of the first world war, Futurist.
The kaiser visisted Norway every year, until the outbreak of the war I guess.Her did use hotels sometimes, perhaps when he stayed in one place for several days. I know of Hotel Øye by the Norangsfjord buildt in 1991. My sister had her wedding party there and it's withing driving distance. Willhelm II of Germany is listed as one of the guests there, so were several of the most famous people from around 1900. You can rent the room he used, his bathtub is even still there.

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I just read he brought his own cooks ashore from the royal yacht when he ate there. There is a story that the kaiser liked to chat with the locals, I guess he found them exotic when he walked around admiring the landscape. In the interwar years one of those farmers recoginised the ex-kaiser visiting the hotel incognito. I don't know if that story is true or not, but the rest is.
his bathtub has bubble wrap?

was he a hemophiliac or something?
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I think it's to stop modern tourists from using the bathtub I guess. I'm pretty sure the bathtub is in the Willhelm II room and that can be rented.

Speaking of the last kaiser and Norway: When the town of Ålesund burned to the ground in 1904 (something my great grandmother witnessed from one of the neighbouring islands) the kaiser organised help and sent two navy ships and two civilian ships only three days after the fire to help the 10 000 people left homeless. The kaiser's interest in the fire led to a lot of interest internationally, even leading to organised aid from far-off Places like South Africa and South America.
My great grandfather was (in adition to farming and fishing) a carpenter specializing on windows and doors. He was one of a small army of craftmen who helped rebuild Ålesund. Part of his pay was a workbench and many specialized planes (the carpenter tool, naturally) to make windows. Those intems are still in this house.

Kaiser Willhelm II visiting Ålesund a few days after the fire:

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Can we conclude the Kaiser was on a North Sea cruise (including visiting Norway) before the outbreak of WWI, but he was in Germany when it started?

(There is a book by Kautz, I think, published in the '20s that I had a chance to see at stacks of the WWI museum with all the surviving correspondence of both Wilhelm and Franz Joseph during the crisis. On the morning of 27 July Wilhelm was certainly in Berlin. The critical "Willy-Nicky" letters all composed in Berlin.)

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