Where was the three-sisters agricultural technique used?

Aug 2016
I started a garden recently and while doing research for it, I remembered I had heard some Native-americans would grow corn and pole-beans together. I looked it up and ran into the three-sisters agricultural practice of planting corn, squash, and beans together. The corn provides a pole for the beans to climb, the beans put nitrogen into the soil (corn is a grass, and grass loves nitrogen), and the squash' s broad leaves shade the ground, helping it retain moisture, and preventing weeds from growing. The spines of the squash deter predators.

Of course, Native-Americans had a wide variety of cultures, some of which didn't utilize agriculture. I'm curious where the three-sisters were grown together. Wikipedia says variations of the three-sisters were grown, "throughout North America", but this isn't very specific, and while it provides a few specific examples, I can't really trust Wikipedia.

Where exactly were the three-sisters grown?