Which 20th century event do you think will be remembered more hundreds of years from now?

More remembered 20th century event?

  • World War 2

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  • Cold War

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May 2014
Both of these, but probably more WWII due to the sheer devastation and loss of life that it resulted in throughout a large part of the world. In contrast, the Cold War was full of tension but relatively short on actual fighting with the exception of some proxy wars that were nowhere near as bloody as WWII was.

In the grand scheme of things, though, I do think that the 20th century will be heavily remembered as a time when concepts such as national self-determination, racial equality, freedom, liberalism, et cetera ultimately triumphed throughout much of the world.


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May 2016
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The Holocaust?
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May 2019
Northern and Western hemispheres
The Cold War might be memorable in some areas but WW2 would be of far more significant in our historical memories.


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Apr 2017
Las Vegas, NV USA
If the question is restricted to the two choices, WWII the with the attendant Holocaust. If it were an open question, the first moon landings as the first the step of humans (and indeed life on earth) into outer space.


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Nov 2010
WWI was the 'war to end all wars'. It was also the end of the era of the Victorian and Edwardian Imperial, colonial and basically Mary Poppins world. Everything changed with the first world war and it's consequences, 20s depressions/strikes/extremeism and the largest consequence - WWII