Which ancient civilisation had a bigger impact on the world: Ancient Greece or the Romans

More influential ancient civilisation?

  • Greece

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  • Rome

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Dec 2011
Id like to argue that the Greeks didn't originate philosophy but rather it was the Egyptians.

So if philosophy is the sole reason on influence, then Egypt would be the winner.

I voted Greece though, cause thats who I actually think influenced the most.
Who knows which people were the first to consider philosophy? It's not about who was the first, I think all will agree that the body of philosophical works left to us by the Greeks was much larger than that left by the Egyptians. What Egyptian philosophy influences (or has influenced) our society?

But anyway, this is discussion of 2 societies only, Greece and Rome, specifically about which was the most influential.
Jan 2016
Whats more important? The chicken or the egg?

if Greeks were heavily influenced by Egyptians philosophy then yes, I do believe it matters heavily. There has been a recent wave of discovery suggesting that Greek Philosophy had its roots from Egyptian. The fact they could have potentially shared so many philosophical similarties interests me. The basis of Western Philosophy after all. I was merely just point out that if we credit the Greeks with philosophy, it's best to know where they got it.

I am aware its a discussion of 2 societies. However I was just drawing comparison.

I did say I believe Greece was far more influential than Rome regardless of the philosophical ties.
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Dec 2011
The first link tells us about a monument of Psamtik 1, who ruled Egypt in 7th century BC, and who allowed the Hellenes to establish colonies on Egyptian soil. From this, it is theorised, was ignited the philosophy of Greece, originating from Plato and Pythagorus who lived in Helipolis in Egypt.

The conclusion of the piece points to the 4 elements theory, the role of divine intelligence and "the underlying unity of the one and the many", as Egyptian contributions to philosophy. Well the Greeks had a theory of atoms (correct) and tried to explain things in practical terms. They measured the size of the Earth and the distance of the Moon. It would have been strange if no Egyptian philosophy had influenced the Greek, but the Greek philosophy, in range, expression, practical value and influence on modern culture, is quite different from Egyptian.

I would like to politely make a point I have made to others in the past. While I am grateful for the links provided, my own practice is to answer the specific question in my own words, then provide a link as a back up.
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Jan 2016
I would like to politely make a point I have made to others in the past. While I am grateful for the links provided, my own practice is to answer the specific question in my own words, then provide a link as a back up.
Truthfully, I wasn't aware it was debated until very recently, so didn't prepare for the correlation. Since I learned it that way I was first introduced to Western Philosophy class, I didn't know the background story, other than we were taught Greek Philosophy was heavily influenced by Egyptians and their views on life. However, do to the popular Greek Philosophers like Socrates, Plato etc. Its as if the Egyptian Influence is overlooked or not considered.

Where the comparison drew I was not entirely sure, so I felt more comfortable posting links I have read with specific cases rather than butchering them with my own words as I had more of the generalizations. Only African philosophy I have really read would be about Zara Jacob. Who was a 14th century Ethiopian. I think this does have a bit to do with a lot of the older works of philosophy being lost.

These are the books I have read thus far.

Augustine - Confessions
Descartes - Meditations on First Philosophy
Immanuel Kant - The Critique of Pure Reason
Teodros Kiros - Zara Yacob, a Seventeenth Century Philosopher on the Rationality of the Human Heart
Epictetus - The Handbook
Grube - Platos Five Dialogues
David Hume - An Enquiry Concerning Human Undertstanding
Hiedegger - Discourse on Thinking and What is Called Thinking.
Jan 2016
I am still not convinced that Greek philosophy was "heavily" influenced by Egyptian; influenced, yest, but not "heavily". The philosophy of the Greeks was largely home-grown.
Only time will tell then I suppose, hopefully.

There are a lot of missing works in between the time that would surely paint a clearer picture. Actually, Im gonna start a new thread.. This poses a question in my head.