Which army had the best grenades in WW2?

Aug 2015
German Stielhandgranate are the most know granades of II World War i think but if they were the best? I have no idea


Ad Honorem
Feb 2010
Canary Islands-Spain
German Stielhandgranate carried more explosive (170 grams) and could be thrown farther than any other. They were true assault grenades. However, it was curbesome, so that soldiers could carry few of them.

The French F1, Soviet F1 (60 grams) and the American Mk 2 (57 grams of explosive) based their damage on fragmentation, they were smaller and had less explosive. They were defensive grenades.

The Japanese Type 97 contained 65 grams but I've read its explosive was weaker, and the design faulty.

The British Mills were the heaviest of all, they were based on fragmentation as well, but carried 70 grams of explosive. Being small, more powerful and versatile than any other, the British, maybe, had the best ones.