Which Central and Eastern European countries were Jews treated the best in during the interwar era?


Ad Honorem
Aug 2012
Mussolini even allowed Jews to be Fascist Party members until at least the late 1930s, no?

Yeah, probably. It appears to have been one of the most tolerant and democratic Central and Eastern European countries in the interwar era. In fact, it was Central and Eastern Europe's only democracy in 1938--when Romania finally became a royal dictatorship.
Mussolini has a Jewish mistress and many party officials were Jews. In the late 1930’s he started moving in Hitlers direction and he passed anti-Semitic laws and it caused a scientific exodus in Italy, just like the one in Germany. Some of these people would end up working on the Manhattan Project, like Emilio Segre (Jewish) and Enrico Fermi (gentile with a Jewish wife).
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