Which empire in history do you consider to be the most interesting?


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Tibetan Empire. Suddenly sprang out of nothing and collapsed as quickly after a couple hundred years, but was a major player in Central Asian politics for a long time. Also forged a new Tibetan ethnicity and culture.
Oct 2016
one can certainly make a case for Byzantine. long time frame, diverse states, interesting characters.

I know I'll be in a minority but I have been interested in Austria-Hungary. appears to be a mismatched conglomeration without unifying ethnicity, language or culture but somehow they made it work, at least for a while. imagine the diversity of foods, clothing, music, etc.
if time travel were possible would love to make a train tour of A-H in the late nineteenth / early 20th century. modern enough to have conveniences (ice cream, newspapers, stores).
Jan 2017
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Recently i'm into the Holy Roman Empire. It's just fascinating how it could survive 1000 years with so many sub-states in it. Charlemagne, Otto I, Frederick Barbarossa, Frederick II and Charles V are particularly interesting. Not to mention the 30 years war.
Oct 2010
What period of the Empire would you say is your favorite?
Oh it is a tough one to call? But if I was pushed I would have to say the period from around 130BCE to the end of Tiberius' reign in 37CE. More or less the period covering the decline and fall of the Republic and the consolidation of the early Principate. I think this was the time when the Roman world saw arguably the most profound and dramatic changes in her long history. A period which heralded the end of the Republic centred on Italy and set the scene for the transformation of Rome and her Empire into the all encompassing entity it became. Also this period is littered with so many interesting and stand out characters all vying for power, influence and to secure their place in history. It is as perhaps "Nietzsche " would say the time of the "Uberman". It is the period of the Gracchi, Marius, Sulla, Cato the younger, Cicero, Crassus, Pompey, Caesar, Marcus Antonius, Octavian and Cleopatra to name some of the more famous world shaking personalties. However, there are also many other interesting figures some less well known that fascinate me such as Fulvia, Clodius, Mithridates, Sertorius, Spartacus, Vercingetorix, Herod and Sejanus. This turbulent period and the characters afforementioned plus others make this period for me perhaps the most interesting in history.
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Mar 2013
Difficult to choose just one...

Those that I have spent the most time reading about in order near as I can recollect;

Hanseatic League

Of those, I would say only the Tang, Seljuks, Persia, and Mongols controlled real 'Empires' so probably the Tang?

Definitely find the Tang interesting but I think I have read the most about them because my thesis paper was on Tang trade and spending over a year concentrated on a single subject the reading hours really add up.

The other issue is that for Khazars, Celts, Mongols, Carthage, and Persia there is not much primary writing if any. For richness of primary sources Tang, Hanseatic League, Aragon, and Venice are hard to top if doing real research.