which European country has the best military record?


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Jun 2015
Over the past 300 years? It seems arbitrary as a limit, but i'm just curious.

I tend to lean towards England/UK, France, Prussia/Germany.

Whilst Germany lost both World Wars, it had defeated France as Prussia, and played a part in winnign the Seven Years War.

The UK had won most wars its engaged in over the past 200 years, though the American Revolution, and the 1st Boer War are exceptions (2nd was the one with Spion Kop and Mafeking I think..)

France, well Vietnam it lost, and WWII in a sense (it surrendered, none of the other Allies), though it had a mixed record in the 19th century, and 18th century (Seven years war loss/Revolutionary War victory).

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Mar 2012
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I'm thinking UK with France as runner up. I can't think of any war where Britain itself was invaded and occupied.


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Oct 2009
For me, it almost has to be the UK, with Prussia and France as runners-up.


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Jul 2014
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Just gonna run a quick review of all the wars we"ve been in as subjects of the Habsurg lands, Austrian Empire, Austria-Hungary, Yugoslavia (Kingdom and SFR) and Slovenia. 300 years we said, right?

1716-18 Austrian-Turkish War: won
1718-20 War of the Quadruple Alliance: won
1735-39 Russo-Austro-Turkish war: kind of lost
1740-48 War of Aus Succ: lost
1756-63 Seven Years War: lost
1778-79 War of Bvr Succ: inconclusive
1787-91 Austro-Turkish War: inconclusive
1792-97 War of First Coalition: lost
1798-1802 War of Second Co: lost
1803-06 War of Third Co: lost
1809 War of Fifth Co: lost
1813-14 War of Sixth Co: won
1815 War of Seventh Co: won
1820-21 Carbonari uprising: won
1839-41 2nd Egyptian-Ottoman war: won
1848-49 various revolutions of 1848: all won
1859 2nd War of Ita Independence: lost
1864 2nd Schlesswig War: won
1866 Austro-Prussian War: lost
1878 Bosnian Occupation: won
1899-1901 Boxer Rebellion: won
1914-18 ww1: lost
1918-19 fights for the northern border: I'll say inconclusive
1941-45 ww2: won
1991 Ten Day War: won bigtime

I counted only the participation of the main body of my nation. But from this we see that Austria in it's various forms won about half of its wars in the last 300 years, which's not good and thanks to them we have almost the same result. I'd like to note that an army can't always be judged by the count of victories and defeats only as it can fight well and brave, but still lose the war. Look how Austria lost against Italy in 1866 despite it was the Prussians, who made them the hard time.
Mar 2011
Past 300 years, likely Britain. If we go back much further I would say France pulls ahead.

Also depends what constitutes military record. For example, France ended up defeated after the Napoleonic Wars, yet gained a legendary reputation.


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Apr 2010
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Whenever those damned continentals start getting ideas above their station, it's always been down to the British to get out the cane and give them a jolly good thrashing.

Sometimes with the help of the colonials, but it still counts.

And if we ever need to boost our score, we can always do the accepted thing and pick on some spear-wielding natives, like at, hrm, Isandlwana and Khartoum and Kabul and erm, yeah...