Which European country has the most castles? Most fascinating?


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Sep 2011
There are some 13 000 officially listed French medieval "chateaux forts", i.e. officially protected as part of the "patrimoine".

The actual number of remains of French medieval chateaux rather seems to be somewhere in the 40 000-50 000 range.


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Feb 2010
Canary Islands-Spain
I'm of the opinion, as well, that France is the leader in this field

Spain officially list 2,275 castles and all kind of fortifications Demasiados castillos que cuidar

The unofficial Association of Friends of Castles list 10,257 and stimate around 20,000 “Los castillos nos representan mejor que las catedrales”

The Association use too wide criteria to get the number (for example, including Catalan "masías" which are, in fact, just big houses more than fortress). But I know that even though, the list is not exhaustive (some fortifications in my area aren't in the list)

France list from 6,450 Les châteaux français en péril to stimated 50,000 as Larrey says.

Italy "castellos" range from 3,177 quanti castelli ci sono in Italia to 25,000 and more


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Aug 2015
Chalfont, Pennsylvania
It was set afire just as it finished renovation. Roof is not a problem, problem is that valuable expositions inside got damaged. I do not know however to what extend.

They most probably did not intend to burn the castle, probably were just playing with fire. Not that it excuse such behaviour.
In 1988, two boys playing with fire accidentally burned down a large section of the town I now live in, Perkasie, Pennsylvania, causing what is known as the Great Perkasie Fire.
Mar 2019
United Kingdom

Britain has a wide range of castles.

Here's my own video of Castle Acre, a castle that was built by the Normans after 1066 and created to dominate a local Anglo-Saxon settlement.

I hope you enjoy!


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Oct 2015
Matosinhos Portugal
Thank you very much for mentioning this great castle - I immediately had to read about its history. It is actually a Moorish castle built from the 8th to the 13th century. As you call yourself Bosnian - what about castles in Bosnia? Like Iberia, Bosnia changed between Muslim and Christian reign, so there should also be a lot of defensive structures.

Castle Silves

Castle of Silves, Algarve | Travel with Me
In the Algarve, the Castle of Silves is one of the most beautiful, largest and best preserved monuments of this region. Built by the Almoravids Arabs in the 11th century, it shows the ...

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