Which European country has the most illiterates?


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Oct 2015
Matosinhos Portugal
My country with population 11 million has 5% illiterate.
And your country is the percentage.


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
Noone really knows. In Slovenia they last asked this in 1991 when we became independent. We had a little more than 7000 illiterate people, the total population was slightly less than 2 million then. The majority of those 7000 were people older than 15 without education. Our population is above 2 million now, illiteracy has probably decreased though, at least students show better results in literacy tests. For refference, 100 years ago illiteracy in Slovenia was 8,8 %.
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Edric Streona

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Feb 2016
UK as a whole is 99% literate. So 1% illiterate.

But this is only for totally illiterate (can't read or write)
Functional illiteracy (they can read and write poorly) was at 16% in England and Wales (2015) and 25% in Scotland (2000).

I'm not sure if the figures include migrants who might be able to read and write in Polish/Urdu or Chinese but not English.
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Sep 2007
It says %5 for Turkey. Though I am taken aback by the fact that some people here can actually read. Ugh.

Edit: The OP says "European countries". Good that I did not mention Niger, too.
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Aug 2013
Indeed! I wasn't even aware that the US was a European country. ;)

I wonder how many of those stats reflect being illiterate in English only as opposed to say Spanish. Although I have personally encountered two people in the US that were illiterate and both were young white males, I was completely shocked both times and embarrassed for them.

The idea that someone cannot read is just mind blowing to me.