Which historical person would you like to drink a beer with?

Feb 2019
Pennsylvania, US
Hmmm... I'd probably choose Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, simply because I think the conversation would be so scintillating. They both drank quite a bit (and Jefferson seemed to somewhat regularly imbibe opium he grew at Monticello for *medicinal* reasons) and the mixed drinks of the colonial era seemed too good to pass up: egg flips, stone fence, sangaree, rattle skull, cherry bounce...

John Adams was also a bit of a drinker (and a party animal, so it seems), and was fond of ciders, as am I... so I'd definitely have liked to have a few with him, just so long as the night doesn't end up with me stuck in that shared bed scenario Adams and Franklin were in at the Indian Queen Tavern in 1776. Ben Franklin seemed like a total creeper.

I'd like to say I'd have a drink with Ulysses Grant, but I think if he did have a drink, he would be doing it out of duress and I would imagine him either crying a lot (which is fine), or trashing a hotel room (not so fine).
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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
Since recently scientists have been able to reproduce Ancient Egyptian beer and it's a very good beer, I'd like to drink a fresh beer with Horemheb, the tough guy of the Amarna Period and after. Then if Nefertiti wants to join us ...


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
Rudold Maister (the guy in my avatar) no doubt.

Other choices would be Gebhart L. von Blücher, Joseph Roth, Pushkin or Lermontov, France Prešeren (wine with him), Henry Pagget, Ian Smith and many more.
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