Which is your favorite movie about ancient history?


Ad Honorem
Mar 2011
Does it have to be a film?

If not, the miniseries I, Claudius and Rome.
Way better than any movie.

My favorite ancient Roman themed movie is Thermae Romae, a Japanese comedy movie:

People complain about movies being historically inaccurate? Well, this one got Japanese actors playing the ancient Romans. :zany:
Mar 2017
Does it have to be a film?

If not, the miniseries I, Claudius and Rome.
I "double" agree. Although the portrayal of Augustus & Claudius is a little too kind, I loved that series. It was only when I got the books that I found out that Robert Graves was one of the foremost translators of histories of that time.

I also liked Rome very much, but not anything to do with the story. I liked the Romans stopping at little shrines to make a gesture or say a prayer, in the street and in their homes. I liked that guy announcing the news: this was a real thing and they allegedly even researched the hand gestures. I really enjoyed all the detail.

I also liked some of the more subtle fight scenes, like when they retrieved Caesar's eagle. They're on foot, see the thieves, shrug their shoulders, draw their swords ... bodies on the ground.
Oct 2018
I don't love any of the movies about ancient history, but I'll go with Alexander because I enjoyed the battle scenes. Yes, the Hydaspes scene bore little resemblance to the actual battle, but war elephants in cinema... nice. I'll give an honourable mention to Spartacus for Laurence Olivier's performance. I do love I, Claudius, but that's not a movie.