which KL is the photo from?

Nov 2016
Doesn't look it
True. I already replied to that on page 1 that the Americans wore helmets, but not the guy Sparky is asking for. But I don't think the German workers are busy burying the dead. The cemetery is located a bit away from the barn (see the screenshot I made, cemetery is marked red).

At which of the two marked memorials the barn stood, I do not know, in any case it is not so close to the cemetery that the work on the photo could be the burial, but it has something to do with the excavation.


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Jan 2011
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Hi there! please, help me to find out the nazi camp where the photo was taken:
View attachment 25875
I've found a similar but bigger one:
View attachment 25876
Are they really the same?
yes theyre the same. Look at the posture of the man with his back to the camera in the top left corner. Then the man facing the pit.

Theyre in the exact same position.

so theyre not similar pictures its the same picture, possibly theyve been printed in differnt newpapers or formats, the first one has lost colour, the second one has defective colour contrast so the detail has been lost on the bodies in the pit but its still the same photo.