Which military weapons were ever INTENTIONALLY designed to MAINLY represent a male sex organ?

Jun 2012
In nature, the most efficient tools tend to be objects that are structured in a straight line. With the addition of certain emphasis and curves, it is understandable why a myriad of tools are associated as following a phallic pattern.

As I think most of you know, weapons like swords and spears were and are often used euphemistically when jesting. Furthermore, the sex organ symbol made sense if you were a soldier/warrior/fighter wishing to dominate your opponents and saving your life by violating them.

However, were there any mainstream military weapons that were designed to primarily represent a male sex organ? I asked this because offensive weapons were often times labeled non-sexually (and without obvious euphemism). Examples include weapons being referred to as tiger claws, tiger fangs, horse-choppers, and beaks from great birds.

The question came up while I was reading up on the Chinese dagger-axes. Here is the picture below:

The one in the middle is called the 'Xiong Ji' (literally, 'Male Halberd'), and that is explicit enough. However, that would imply that the normal (and apparently more widespread at a certain period) Chinese 'Ge' would be called something else non-sexually. To be frank, the regular Chinese 'Ge' looked like an erect penis with testicles underneath. But since they were not as 'erect' as the 'Xiong Ji' they were apparently referred to as just 'dagger-axes' or perhaps as 'beaks'.

I don't think we can fully read people's minds, but I'm just curious.
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Jul 2017
Better way is to make weapons that get women ready for lovemaking...the so called psychotronic weapons of late.