Which of German death camps was Polish ???

Nov 2011
Anti-Semitic Poles and Anti-Polish Jews were small minorities of respective populations.
Well, it is about time to stop using stereotypes. It is important to understand the root of the conflict that lies between Latin and Jewish civilizations. Mark Paul, Finkelstein Slonimski or Didier have done a great job to expose the roots of the conflict. But it is inconvenient truth....not for Latin civilization though. :D
Nov 2011
The Polish - Israeli conflict regarding the Polish law that will penalize whoever accuses the Polish nation for crimes perpetrated by Germans may be easily understood after reading Norman Finkelstein’s The Holocaust Industry. Quite intense discussion about anti-Antisemitism and Gross’s book again thwarted the continuity of thoughts how dogma has been created.

http://historum.com/european-history/133638-german-death-camps-polish-22.html post # 217

When in 1996 and 1997 Swiss banks and German industrialists were forced to pay compensation to Jewish organizations, Finkelstein said that it” has been only a prelude to the grand finale: the shakedown of Eastern Europe.” In fact, the Holocaust industry has been preparing plans of how to extort billions of dollars from these already impoverished countries. The Holocaust industry claims sole rights to all the communal and private assets of those who perished during the Nazi holocaust. Consequently, the Holocaust industry has demanded from former Soviet-bloc countries to hand over all pre-war Jewish properties or come up with monetary compensation. Jewish organizations have demanded $ 65 billion but recently the demand rose to $ 300 billion. Poland will be bankrupt.

Unlike Switzerland and Germany, the demands from post communist countries are hidden away from the public. Finkelstein notes that public opinion has not been averse to the blackmailing of Swiss bankers and German industrialists, but the public may protest against the blackmailing of starving Polish peasants. On the other hand, Jews who lost family members during the Nazi holocaust might expose the WJRO's machinations.

Finkelstein quotes Stuart Eizenstat what said "It is important to recognize that our efforts at communal property restitution are integral to the rebirth and renewal of Jewish life" in Eastern Europe” In fact, the World Jewish Restitution Organization is demanding title over the 6,000 pre-war communal Jewish properties, including those currently being used as hospitals and schools. In Poland, It has been done in secrecy and takeover of ”Jewish property” continues. Main stream media are quiet but the alternative media has investigated how land has been returned to Jewish organization even though there was no synagogue or other Jewish property on that land. Finkelstein , therefore, was correct saying, “Jewish organization is also laying claim to hundreds of thousands of parcels of Polish land valued in the many tens of billions of dollars.” It seems that Jacob Franks‘s plans to create an independent state for the Jews on the Polish territory has not been abandoned. As it has been done in secrecy, Poles may wake up without own land.

http://historum.com/european-history/133638-german-death-camps-polish-21.html post # 207

To force submission from governments the Holocaust industry will use US sanctions” The book was written 18 years ago and today we have the Act 447.

The method of extortion will be the same as in case off Swiss banks and German private industry as follows:

1.Creating public hysteria: "Terror by embarrassment- accusations to cause discomfort and shock “

Finkestien gives us a foretaste as it has happened to Swiss people, "a country whose citizens . . . quite knowingly profited from blood money"; that "the apparently respectable citizens of the world's most peaceful nation . . . committed an unprecedented theft"; that "dishonesty was a cultural code that individual Swiss had mastered to protect the nation's image and prosperity"; "Switzerland's small breed of bankers had become greedier and more immoral than most"; that "concealment and deception were practiced arts among Swiss diplomats" ; Swiss people were dishonest Nazi collaborators who had profited from genocide," and on and on. Ready to use a recipe as it only requires changing the name of the nation. The Polish-Israeli conflict regarding concentration camps has been a prelude to the coming attraction orchestrated by the Holocaust industry.

2 The Holocaust industry has created strategy to force the Swiss into submission: class-action lawsuits and an economic boycott.

The main charge was that there had been, “a fifty-year Swiss-Nazi conspiracy to steal billions from Europe's Jews and Holocaust survivors." And the main weapon used to break Swiss resistance was the economic boycott. In fact, in February 1996 the Swiss banks received threatening sanctions. In May 1997 the City of Los Angeles, withdrew hundreds of millions of dollars in pension funds from a Swiss bank and imposed the first sanction. Swiss banks made a "final offer» of $600 million but it was rejected by Jewish organization as " an insult to the memory of the victims” The $1.25 billion settlement with Switzerland covered basically three classes — claimants to dormant Swiss accounts, refugees denied Swiss asylum, and victims of slave labor which Swiss benefited from.

In 1998 , the same three legal teams as in Switzerland initiated class action against German private industry, demanding no less than $ 20 billion in compensation. Similarly, public hysteria against Germany was raised with all the Holocaust hot buttons being pressed. The Germans caved in to a substantial monetary settlement by year's end. “The Times of London credited this capitulation to the "Holocash" campaign in the United States.”

Finkelstein said that another mantra for Holocaust Industry is that compensation «is about truth and justice, not about money.» "It's not about money," it is “about more money.”
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Oct 2014
Look, while the death camps were TECHNICALLY German, it's ludicrous to act like Polish people were somehow innocent victims and bystanders during World War 2. A lot of them didn't really care about Jews being murdered and in some cases they even participated. It's possible to be both victimized while victimizing someone else. Ukrainians, Russians, and Belarusians undeniably suffered under Nazi occupation, but some of them still collaborated anyway.
Jan 2018
A lot of them didn't really care about Jews being murdered and in some cases they even participated.
A lot of Jews also didn't care about other Jews (or Poles for that matter, several ethnic Polish members of my family were murdered in WW2, I doubt that all Jews cared about it, but some most likely did) being murdered. Some Jews even participated:





American Jews in particular didn't really care about European Jews, which is why the U.S. entered WW2 so late.

Still you can't call Nazi facilities Jewish Death Camps, that would be just as inaccurate as Polish Death Camps.
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Jan 2018
I don't think that you can legislate care, or force people to care about everyone.

You probably also don't care about some illegal Mexicans killed by U.S. border patrols.

In the ideal, utopian world, I guess everyone should care about everyone else. But you can't legislate that, and you can't force people to love everyone without exception and care about everyone. Jesus didn't succeed in trying to convince people about that.

But you can't accuse innocent people of complicity in crimes, even if they didn't care.
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Jan 2018
Look, while the death camps were TECHNICALLY German
They were not "technically" German, they were German in every possible way. Auschwitz was even located in Germany - that was technically not occupied Poland, but Germany, because after Hitler's Decree of 08.10.1939, that area was incorporated directly into Germany:


The statement "Auschwitz was located in Poland" is a lie, as that was an integral part of Germany since 08.10.1939. Of course such annexations of land by invaders are generally forbidden by the international law of military conflicts, but de facto it became part of Germany.

It was part of Gau Oberschlesien: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/f4/Gau_Oberschlesien.png

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Nov 2011
The Group Thirteen known as Jewish Gestapo was a Jewish collaborationist organization in the Warsaw Ghetto during the German occupation of Poland in World War II.It specialized in tracking down Jewish people outside the Ghetto walls, as well as their Polish helpers, and often profited by extorting them.[

The group also controlled the ghetto with the Judenrat, and infiltrated the Jewish opposition within the ghetto. Supposed to fight the black market, it actually collected large sums via racketeering, blackmail and extortions. The group also ran its own prison. In total, the group numbered between three and four hundred uniformed Jewish officers, distinguished by caps with green bands. The admittance payment to become a member of the “13” was several thousand zlotys issued by the German-controlled Bank.


Żagiew ("The Torch"), also known as Żydowska Gwardia Wolności (the "Jewish Freedom Guard"), was a Nazi-collaborationist Jewish agent provocateur group in Nazi German-occupied Poland, founded and sponsored by the Germans and led by Abraham Gancwajch Many Żagiew members were related to the collaborationist Jewish organization Group 13, which was also led by Gancwajch. The organization operated primarily within the Warsaw Ghetto. Żagiew was established in late 1940 and existed until the time of the ghetto's elimination during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943.

The Nazis had over a thousand Jewish secret agents in Poland and some were permitted by their Gestapo handlers to possess and bear firearms.

Its primary goal was to infiltrate the Jewish resistance network and reveal its connections with the Polish underground aiding and hiding Jews in the General Government. The organization was able to inflict considerable damage on both fronts. Żagiew agents were also instrumental in organizing the Hotel Polski affair in Warsaw, a German scheme to lure thousands of wealthy Jews under false promises of evacuation to South America into a trap and extort their money and valuables before killing most of them.


The Jewish Ghetto Police or Jewish Police Service, also called the Jewish Police by Jews, were auxiliary police units organized within the Jewish ghettos of German-occupied Poland by local Judenrat (Jewish council) collaborating with the German Nazis.

The Jewish police were recruited from two separate groups, who could be relied upon to follow German orders. The first were Jewish lawyers, disbarred by the German occupiers, largely recruited by deputy commander Jakub Lejkin, himself later executed by the Jewish Resistance. The second, larger and more criminally active group, were recruited from among pre-War Jewish organized groups. The first commander of the Warsaw ghetto was Józef Szeryński, a Jewish lieutenant-colonel in the pre-War Polish Police. Szerynski survived an assassination attempt carried out by a member of the Jewish police, Yisrael Kanal, who was working on behalf of the underground Jewish Combat Organization. In ghettos where the Judenrat was resistant to German orders, the Jewish police were often used (as reportedly in Lutsk) to control or replace the council.

The Polish-Jewish historian and Warsaw Ghetto archivist Emanuel Ringelblum has described the cruelty of the ghetto Jewish police as "at times greater than that of the Germans, the Ukrainians and the Latvians. The Jewish ghetto police ultimately shared the same fate with all their fellow ghetto inmates. On the ghettos' liquidation (1942-1943) they were either killed on–site or sent to extermination camps. However, some of the more active collaborators, especially those associated with the Żagiew network, are known to have survived the war.


Judenrat, ( “Jewish council”) was a widely used administrative agency imposed by Nazi Germany during World War II, predominantly within the ghettos in occupied Europe, and the Jewish ghettos in German-occupied Poland. The Nazi German administration required Jews to form a Judenrat in every community across the occupied territories.

Hannah Ardent wrote in her 1963 book, Eichmann in Jerusalem, that without the assistance of the Judenräte, the registration of the Jews, their concentration in ghettos and, later, their active assistance in the Jews' deportation to extermination camps, fewer Jews would have perished because the Germans would have encountered considerable difficulties in drawing up lists of Jews. In occupied Europe, the Nazis entrusted Jewish officials with the task of making such lists of Jews along with information about the property they owned. The Judenräte also directed the Jewish Ghetto Police to assist the Germans in seizing Jews and loading them onto transport trains leaving for concentration camps.


The Poles don’t have such impressive evidence of collaboration with the Germans. The biggest collaboration of the Poles with the Germans was the Goralenvolk established by the Germans and aimed at germanization of Polish highlanders. Under the pressure or threats, 18% accepted Kennkarte. Krzeptowski, self appointed leader of the Goralenvolk, tried to recruit volunteers for his "Goralen legion" (also referred to as Goralische Division SS). The attempt ended in a complete fiasco. Krzeptowski gathered 300 highlanders who were not told the reason of such gathering. The highlanders were offered plenty of food with unlimited vodka. When they were drunk, they were asked to sign a papers. After the party, they were carried to the train since most of them were so drunk, unable to walk. When they sobered up, 200 escaped from the running train. Others were sent to the concentration camp by the Germans for insubordination.

In December 1944 Krzeptowski, a leader of the Goralenvolk, was tracked down and captured by the Home Army. He was tried for high treason, sentenced to death by hanging, and executed by his own brother, Julian Krzeptowski, a Home Army member.

After the War II, an investigation reveled that from 18% who took Kennkarte only 100 highlanders collaborated with the Germans. It was considered as the greatest collaboration of Poles with the Germans! The Germans learned that their plan of germanization was a total failure. :lol::lol:
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Apr 2018
Look, while the death camps were TECHNICALLY German, it's ludicrous to act like Polish people were somehow innocent victims and bystanders during World War 2. A lot of them didn't really care about Jews being murdered and in some cases they even participated. It's possible to be both victimized while victimizing someone else. Ukrainians, Russians, and Belarusians undeniably suffered under Nazi occupation, but some of them still collaborated anyway.
This sounds like something a Ukranian nationalist would say to a Pole...