Which of the enemies that the US fought during the 20th century was the least repulsive?

Which of the enemies that the US fought during the 20th century was the least repulsive?

  • The Central Powers (Germany and Austria-Hungary)

  • The Axis Powers (Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, and some minor Axis countries)

  • North Korea

  • North Vietnam

  • Saddam Hussein's Iraq

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Oct 2010
How many people were murdered by Mussolini? Also, I'm excluding Ethiopia and Libya here since colonialism and racism against non-Whites was hardly unusual by the standards of those times--though Italy certainly went overboard with its atrocities in Ethiopia even by the standards of those days.

Also, for what it's worth, I'm not actually excusing murder. I'm simply pointing out that Mussolini's crimes were much milder than those of Hitler and Stalin. Obviously he could have avoided the crimes that he did commit, though.
Firstly I don;t accept that mass murder colonialism was an acceptable standard 1930 or not.

Mussolini set up a fascist dictatorship, that broke the rule of law, used murder, torture and beating people by thugs as acceptable methods of Government. Once the line is crossed that the Government can openly murder people, torture people, beta people up without any repercussions or the rule of law being enforce med, even if the number is quite small, it's still a reprehensible and regime that should be condemned.

Mussolini was a criminal who used criminal methods, blunt force to subvert the rule of law and achieve his ends. his regime was a criminal regime. Murder, Torture, Beatings.

To say Mussolini "did nothing wrong" and dismiss anything less than the mass- Murder millions is just OK. That is disingenuous at best and is justifying murder, what it's Ok as long as the victims are few or of certain races?

I do not accept that.
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May 2019
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To all the people saying Vietnam, wasn't Communist Vietnam incredibly oppressive of it's non Kinh ethnic minorities like the Cham, Montagnards, and Khmer? There was a decades long insurgency against the Communist government by FULRO because of this.

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