Which of these 4 rulers was the greatest?

Who was the greatest ruler out of these 4?

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Feb 2019
All of them were prominent rulers of the 1250s. Which one was the most outstanding, all things considered?
Oct 2014
I voted for Nevsky. There's something heroic about the defence of your homeland against a barbaric invader. As for the others, I've heard of Mongke but I don't like the Mongols. And the other two I know little.

I searched Louis IX, it seems he did many good things such as improving the law, expanding France into key territories, and removing bad outdated practices such as trial by ordeal. On the negative side he also burned books and tried to impose "morality" with harsh punishments. A contradictory personality by modern standards.


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Nov 2010
Which Simon de Montfort is this? The mass murderer of the Albigensian crusade or the one who threw the jews out of Leicester?

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Sep 2012
Which Simon de Montfort is this? The mass murderer of the Albigensian crusade or the one who threw the jews out of Leicester?
Leicester polytechnic converted to a university in 1992 and chose to call itself De Montfort University (DMU) after the son of Albigensian mass murderer, the 6th Earl of Leicester.

EDIT: Amaury and Simon are the only first names of the Lords of Montfort. The father's name was Simon IV and the son's Simon V, the later is credited with establishing the English parliament and was the great enemy of Plantangenet House, de facto ruler of England for a while until the future Edward I solved the problem permanently.
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Sep 2014
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Well, Louis IX had some civic accomplishments; Nevsky military. Why would Monge and de Montfort be included?
Just to nit-pick, neither de Montfort was a ruler.
Mar 2019
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There are a few more rulers that might be included on this list like Micheal VIII of the BYzantine Empire, Frederick II of the Holy Roman Empire, and Haakon IV of Norway, Jame I of Aragon & Barcelona, perhaps even others like Vsvolod IV could fit the bill as well. Probably some other good rulers there I don't know about.

Then there are other rulers from around the world that could certainly be considered, perhaps like Aizong (which ultimately lost against the mongols but he was noted as being capable at least, but i'm not very well versed in chinese history) or Temur.

Anyway, from the specified list. I'd say Louis IX. The only other one to come close I think is Nevksy, and that boils down to what you consider to be 'greater'.