Which regime was worse: Hitler (Germany) or Franco (Spain)

Which regime was comparatively worse: Hitler or Franco?

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  • Franco

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Feb 2019
No, he didn´t. Real Madrid won because Don Santiago Bernabeu made the best team on Earth and in history.

In fact, Franco supported ATHLETIC BILBAO... because it was pure Spanish team.. 100% Spaniards, 100% basque (the noblest, the oldest the purest Spaniards as it was written in 16th Century). That ´s the reason because Pelota Vasca was widely supported by the State between 1940 and 1980.

Franco didn´t like Real Madrid because Madrid was his nightmare during the War and most people supported Real Madrid were Reds had lost the war. Funny, Real Madrid didn´t win La Liga between 1939 to 1954.. during the thoughest days... but yes AT. Bilbao and FC Barcelona.

During the thougher days after War... not victory at all for Real Madrid

La Liga between 1939 to 1954 was won by AT. Bilbao (1), FC Barcelona (5), AT. Madrid (4), Sevilla (1) and Valencia (3). Real Madrid not victory at all during the hardest moment in Francoist Regimen... So.. No.. FRANCO NEVER supported Real Madrid.

By the way...during Francoist regiment existed regional selection teams as Catalonia, Castille, Aragon etc.
Good to know! Thanks for the info :yes:
May 2017
Republicans of all tendances fusilied from 1936 to 1944:
I Martial courts of south of Spain:
Andujar and Jaen:2000.
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May 2017
II Martial courts of east of Spain:
May 2017
III Martial courts of north of Spain:
Cantabria:investigations not terminated.
Galicia:investigations not terminated.
La Rioja:2000.
Pais Vasco:investigations not terminated.
The problem in the north is that the common s graves contain only 75 % of the real victims.The others have been drowned in the Atlantic,specially in Galicia,and the navy did not redact archives.


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Nov 2010
Will you be cataloging all the murdered priests and nuns as well as 'non'-socialists/communists' before and during the war? If not it's a bit of a one-sided count.
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May 2017
Of course,i have the lists.The two granfathers of my mother were the social responsives of the two famous quarters of the CECAS,"Comisiones de Encuesta y de Control de las Actividades Sediciosas",alias "the Tchecas" of the quarters "Carabanchel" (sector Anita Moran street) and "Casa de Campo" (sector Marques de Monistrol").I finish with the republicans fusilied and after we speak about the others victims.

Edric Streona

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Feb 2016
While both killed many.
Franco’s butchers bill is what 400 000 AT MOST.
Hitkers’ is 6 million?

Franco’s are mainly political opponents. Which isn’t right, but it’s not genocide and it’s victims were all his own citizens. He wasn’t rounding up civilians of foriegn states or invading their lands.. its self inflicted.

You can avoid being killed under Franco by patriotic lip service, avoiding communistvand socialists..

Hitler on the other hand was crazy, while it’s quite easy to not be a communist, it’s not so easy to stop having Jewish blood, being gay, a gypsy, a Slav or being disabled. All of which can get you shot, hung, gassed or handed over for horror movie level experiments of no scientific value. Regardless of age or gender.

So no. While Franco is bad. Hitler is in a league of his own with other nutjobs like Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin and the like.
Oct 2013
Monza, Italy
The idea of Volksgemeinschaft still defends the interests of the bourgeoisie, but only within the context of a system which venerates the worker as an important element of society. The betterment of society is defined by those bourgeois folk who organise the logistics of any given fiat, and those who practice it by the fiat of those bourgeois folk, namely the workers, unless you are referring to a system of Marxian Socialism or anarchy. Hitler had his own form of "Socialism", though, non-Marxian, which existed already in the great war, and which is everywhere known as, as already mentioned, Volksgemeinschaft.
All true, but one can believe that Hitler's socialism (or Prussian socialism, or whatever) is like Communism: it sounds good in theory, it's a disaster in practise. Being a "good-lookin" system doesn't necessarily mean being good for real. Also I would ask: what about the fact that, at least according to Marxist scholars, Hitler's regime was financed by German capitalists? Ans what about German workers rights (especially the Social-democrat and Communist ones)?
Dec 2018
North Dublin
Lm1985 said:
What about the fact that, at least according to Marxist scholars, Hitler's regime was financed by German capitalists? Ans what about German workers rights (especially the Social-democrat and Communist ones)?
It was. I never claimed the system was non-capitalist. Just saying there was a sort of compromise going on. Workers' rights were subsumed under the sense of realism in economics, I should think. In Marxian economics, class is completely abolished, in its Socialist phase, unlike in National-Socialism. National-Socialism is, in fact, quite similar to Social Democracy, which is why it is often said of the latter, by Marxists of the time, that it was Social Fascism. Remember that the SPD put down a revolution using the Freikorps, which would later make up a large proportion of the Sturm Abteilung. I was recently speaking with a Frenchman who even suggested that National-Socialism was the Centrism of its time.


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Dec 2014
White Forces in 1936-1939 executed around 50.000 (Franco was one white General as Queipo de Llano, Mola, Kindelán, Valera, Cabanellas etc etc).. Red Forces executed around 75.00...

If Franco is 50 bad... REDS are 75 bad...REDS begun killing from 1931...Franco was as De Gaulle, Mannerheim, Denikin etc... save he didn´t killed so much as De Gaulle...


only for being Uruguay´s Viceconsul´s daughters....raped and killed with axes

Or Don Melquíadez Álvarez, chief of the Liberal Party... executed by the REDS

Of course.. we can put thousands photos and thousands thousands names people murdered by the REDS...the RED TERROR begun in Spain in 1931.. but from 1936 it was brutal... they killed everthing: Catholics, liberals, conservatives, democrats etc etc....

Fortunatly.. YES... Fortunately... FRANCO and White Forces won the War.. thanks thanks and thanks. Franco and the Civilization beat the Reds in the Crussade.

Liberation of Madrid and the end of the Red Terror... the Red Demons!