Which ruler is most positively rated by historians between these 5?

Most widely respected ruler by historians

  • Ivan the Terrible

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  • Abbas the Great

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Do tell what the other 3 untermensch do among these two historical giants? Seriously what these 5 have in common? I dont get it.
I suspect they were chosen because of the dates of their reigns.

Philip II of Spain & the Indies (1527-1598) r. 1556-1598.
Elizabeth I of England (1533-1603) r. 1558-1603.
Akbar the Great of Mughal Empire (1542-1605) r. 1556-1605.
Abbas the Great Persian King of Kings (1571-1629) r. 1588-1629.
Ivan the Terrible of Muscovy (1530-1584) r. 1547-1584.

Their lives all overlapped, though Ivan the Terrible died before Abbas I began to rule.

Other famous more or less contemporary rulers include:

Maximilan II, Emperor of the Romans (1527-1576) r. 1564-1576.
Rudolph II, Emperor of the Romans (1552-1612) r. 1576-1612.
Suleiman I of Ottoman realm (1494-1566) r. 1520-1566.
Osman II of Ottoman realm (1604-1622) r. 1618-1622. (great great great grandson of Suleiman I)
Krisnadevaraya Emperor of Vijayanagara empire r. 1509-1529.
Aliya Rama Raya, regent of the Vijayanagara empire (1485?-1565) r. 1542-1565.
The Jiajing Empeor of China (1507-1567) r. 1521-1566.
The Wanli Emperor of China (1563) r. 1572-1620.
Gustav I of Sweden (1496-1520) r. 1520-1560.
Sigismund II Augustus of Poland & Lithuania (1520-1572) r. 1548-1572.
Henry IV of France (1563-1610) r. 1589-1610.

Akbar the Great is also highly esteemed by historians as far as I can tell. He didn't have as much power admittedly but might be ranked as the most competent ruler in this bunch, overall.
I have the impression that the power of Akbar was similar to that of Philip II, Suleiman I, Aliya Rama Raya, or the Chinese emperors, and greater than that of Elizabeth I, Abbas the Great, or Ivan the Terrible.
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