Which village in the Hong Kong area? Suggestions much appreciated

Oct 2009
San Diego
On Gwulo.com, someone reacted it is a typical scenery in Eastern China in the Suzhou\Hangzhou area, unlikely to be anywhere in Hong Kong.

Would it be possible to find out which village this is?
Looks to be a canal- or other fairly still water tributary... So not Hong Kong. Could be somewhere way up the river estuary on a side tributary- there are several low islands along the Hongqili and Jiaomen waterways that are densely cris-crossed with straight canals. If its from anywhere near Hong Kong- I would bet along there- tho it won't look like this anymore.
Dec 2017
Regnum Teutonicum
Maybe the first picture it is Tai O? Tai O is on the estuary of a river and does have stilt houses, as well as a modern bridge replacing an older one. On the other hand there existed a lot of fishing villages with stilt houses in Hong Kong, which were demolished. So maybe the houses on the picture don't exist any more.

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