Which wars were primarily or exclusively fought on behalf of settler colonialism?


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Apr 2015
It is not correct to say that the primarily objective of the Portuguese in India (meaning here all the establishments around the Indian Ocean) was colonization, in the sense of establishing settlers. The primary goal was trade. Other objectives existed, such as the evangelization. But the conquest that were made were to maintain the trade and the (few) settlers that were sent were to maintain the administration working. I think that in the beginning the goals of the Dutch and English were similar (evangelization excluded).

The goal of the Portuguese in the Atlantic Islands (15th century), the in Brazil (16th and mostly 17th century), and in Africa by the end of the 19th century was totally different: there the objective was to send settlers and to explore the new lands.
I am not disagreeing with you. Portuguese interest was to control the spice trade and get more people into the Catholic faith.
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