White settlement west of the Appalachians if Britain won the American Revolutionary War?


Ad Honorem
Aug 2016
Had the British won the Revolutionary War I don't think they would have stayed in control for long - maybe another 50 or 100 years at the most. With its more rapidly growing population, the US was going to become independent long before Canada gained dominion status in the 1930s. So the British may have slowed western expansion slightly, but not by much. Like Rodger said, there were already people moving west of the 1763 line even before the Revolutionary War started. Check out Lord Dunmore's War, Dunmore being a British royal governor.
Lord Dunmore's War - Wikipedia

Futurist: "Specifically, did early Americans often move West in order to escape government control?" - One reason Kentucky became famous for moonshine whiskey is that after the Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania many whiskey smugglers moved to Kentucky where the government had less reach. Moonshine then became part of the local Kentucky culture which persisted into the 20th century.
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