Who actually discovered South Pass?

Feb 2015
Outer Deseret
I'm reading Tom Chaffin's biography of John C. Fremont, "Pathfinder". I'm hung up on a question about who and when South Pass was discovered. Chaffin very clearly mentions that it was discovered by Robert Stuart in 1812 AND that it was kept secret within the American Fur Company AND that it was rediscovered by Jedidiah Smith.

Wikipedia, however, uses this language, "Many say that in 1812 Robert Stuart ..." AND that a report of the discovery was given to President James Madison, and published in France AND that it was rediscovered in 1823 by William Henry Ashley.

The two accounts could not be more different. What is the truth?
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Feb 2019
The seven white men who "discovered" South Pass were Robert Stuart, Ramsay Crooks, Benjamin Jones, François LeClerc, Robert McClellan, Joseph Miller and André Vallé