Who are the shortest rulers in history?

Mar 2011
If we are talking about diminutive adult rulers, Mary Tudor comes to mind. I recall a description of her as being short but without defects in proportion, almost is if she were a dwarf. I can't find any information on her actual height though.
Dec 2009
The basileos Alexandros IV of Makedonia was another foetus ruler (as long as he were a male).

There have been myriad additional child rulers like (in approximate chronological order):

Pharaoh Ahmose I
Pharaoh Amenhotep III
Pharaoh Thutmose III
Pharaoh Tutankhamun

King Labashi-Marduk of Babylon
Basileos Amyntas IV of Makedonia
Antioxos V Eupator of Syria
Ptolemaios XIII Theos Philopator of Egypt
Emperor VA Bassianus (aka Elagabalus)
Emperor MA Severus Alexander
Shah Shapur II
Emperor MOA Diadumenianus

Emperor Romulus Augustulus
Emperor Leo II
King Alaric II of the Visigoths

Shah Ardashir III
Emperor Alexios II Kommenos
King Baldwin V of Montferrat, of Jerusalem
King Edward VI Tudor of England
Tsar Peter II Romanov
Tsar Ivan VI Romanov


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Sep 2011
I think Napoleon is the shortest adult ruler
At 5 foot 5 inches (possibly 7) — 165 (or even 170) cm? Not bloody likely.

He was early 19th French average height. There no accounts of Napoleon being short, aside from contemporary British caricatures — not the best guides for accuracy in the matter.
Mar 2014
Preferably little people, but short regular men and women will do, too
Ladislaus the Elbow-High wasn't actually elbow-high, as far as we know, but not too far off it.

John was 5'5, compared to Richard who was one of the not-so-rare Plantagenet giants at 6'4 (Lionel of Antwerp was nearly 7').

William the Conqueror's wife Matilda was thought to have been 4'2, but when her tomb was opened they found she was actually 5'. That makes things more comfortable for her, as he was 5'10 and she bore nine children. Still of a very small, narrow, and slender frame, though.

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Aug 2011
Gaillimh (Ireland)
Vittorio Emanuele III (king of Italy during the two world wars) was 4'11. Due to his "height" and his passion for military things, he was nicknamed "the tiny saber king".
All the chairs of the royal residence had to be cut short by 15cm and the minimun height to join the army was reduced to 150cm in order to enable him to be the chief of the armed forces.
In order to minimize his short appearance, he used to wear a 20cm tall cap and at least 10cm tall heels hidden in his military boots.

With his wife Queen Helena.

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